How to pay using StatesCard

Paying for your favorite US services or retailers has never been easier with StatesCard! It's as simple as paying for any other service you'd purchase using your local debit or credit card.

In general, there are a few golden rules for shopping with US merchants outside of the US:

  1. Make sure to use a VPN service configured for the location of the seller (US for sellers in the US, UK for sellers in the UK, etc.) - many retailers check geo-location. If your VPN is being detected by the seller, they may decline the transaction or cancel the order after payment.
  2. Fill out the billing details exactly as they appear on your account - Any change or mistake in the billing details will cause the card to be declined. This includes your own name as the Name on the card.
  3. Check that you have a sufficient balance to make the purchase
  4. Always check the specific merchant policies - Some merchants have policies regarding acceptance of prepaid debit cards or certain addresses. Please check with the merchant to before you place your order or check our guide for services we've confirmed to not accept pre-paid payment methods.

After registration and loading of your card balance, you'll be able to see your StatesCard info just like any other card:

To un-hide the card details click the  button.

  1. The current balance on your StatesCard
  2. Your StatesCard full number
  3. Your StatesCard expiry date
  4. Your StatesCard security code
  5. The US address associated with your StatesCard

Note: The name on the card or name of the owner is the name you used to originally register for your StatesCard account - this is usually your own full name.

To pay using StatesCard simply go through checkout with your desired US provider and enter the information required during checkout.

Below are examples of using StatesCard to pay for specific US services:

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