How to pay for US Amazon Prime

Paying for US Prime is easy with StatesCard, simply follow the quick guide below to learn how.

Before starting, make sure you're StatesCard balance has enough funds to cover the payment:

Step 1:


  • If you already have an account, simply login to your account.
  • If you need to create a new account, visit this link and go through the registration process to create your free account

Step 2:

Visit the Amazon Prime page by visiting this link and select Get Started

Step 3:

If you don't have a payment method on record with this Amazon account yet, continue to Step 4

If you already have a payment method on record with this Amazon account:

  • Select Change next to the current payment method

  • Then select Add a card below

Step 4:

Visit and click the  button to un-hide your StatesCard details. Take note of the details and US address provided for your StatesCard.

Step 5:

Back on the Prime payment page, fill in your own name and StatesCard info as instructed and select Add your card.

Step 6:

  • If you already have an address associated with the account select Add an address and continue.

In the address fields:

  • Enter the full name associated with your StatesCard.
  • Enter the card billing address assigned to your StatesCard which can be found on your StatesCard account page.
  • For a phone number, visit this number generator and select a number to enter - it does not need to be a real number.
  • Select Use this address at the bottom.

Step 7:

Once your StatesCard is added and selected, select Continue.

On the next page, select Sign up now.

Step 8:

Your US Amazon Prime subscription is now active! You can check out or manage your subscription by visiting this link.

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