How to pause your StatesCard account/subscription

Why would I want to pause?

If you'd like to keep your StatesCard and the funds on it but you don't plan to use it anytime soon. You have the option to pause your StatesCard account and subscription in order to avoid being charged the monthly fee until the point you'd like to un-pause and start using it again.

How does pausing work?

It's fairly straight forward - after hitting the pause button, and accepting the pop-up window a $10 pause fee will be collected from the balance on your StatesCard. If there are not enough funds to cover the entire $10, the current amount available will be collected, and the difference will be deducted from the next load you make after un-pausing.

For example - Jenny has $5.45 left on her StatesCard and she wants to pause her card. We collect the $5.45 and keep track of the difference, which is $10-$5.45 = $4.55. The next time Jenny loads funds after un-pausing, say $25, the amount loaded will only be $20.45 ($25 - $4.55).

After pausing, the remaining balance will still be present on the card, but the card will be de-activated and won't be accepted by sellers until you decide to un-pause.

Un-pausing (or resuming) does not incur a fee and is completely free at any point after pausing. 

How do I pause my account?

To pause your StatesCard, simply visit and login to your account. 

  • On the main account page, select the Pause button like highlighted below:

  • Accept the prompt at the top of the screen by selecting OK.
  • That's it! Your account is now paused. You can un-pause your account and card at any point by visiting the same page and selecting the Un-pause or Resume button.
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