How to check your StatesCard transactions

Your StatesCard transaction statement can be easily accessed with your StatesCard number and your own security code. Follow our quick guide below to learn how.

Step 1:

Visit and login to your StatesCard account.

Step 2:

On your account page, take note of your StatesCard full number by clicking the Show Card Details button.

Step 3:

On the same page, find the Transactions section and take note of your security code. Click the View Transactions button.

Step 4:

On the new page that opens up, enter your StatesCard number and security code we found in the previous steps and click Look Up Card

Step 5:

On the following page's bottom section, you can check all transactions made using your StatesCard. 

Transactions FROM the card like payment for services will be marked in brackets ($ amount) like in the example below. While transactions TO the card like adding funds will show up without brackets.

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