How to add funds to your StatesCard

Follow our guide below to learn how to add funds to your StatesCard.

Step 1:

On your computer or phone visit

Step 2:

Enter the StatesCard account info you signed up with and click  Login.

Step 3:

On your account page, click Load Card.

Step 4:

Choose your preferred payment and amount to load.

  • PayPal - simply click Confirm Order. You'll then be directed to complete the transaction via PayPal.
  • Credit Card - enter your credit card information and click Confirm Order.

*Note that some transactions may need to be manually verified and approved by our team. 

Step 5:

After the transaction is complete, you'll be taken back to your account page where you'll see:

  • Your new balance:

  • Your account history with the transaction breakdown below:

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