How to pay for HBO Max & Max outside the US

Paying for HBO Max is easy with StatesCard, simply follow the quick guide below to learn how.

Before starting, make sure you're StatesCard balance has enough funds to cover the payment:

Important notice:
Our testing and experiences with users and VPN providers that support HBO Max have shown not all providers have adjusted to HBO's payment system changes. Users of some VPN's or DNS providers may experience payments to HBO Max being declined due the detection of a VPN.

This is not an issue withStatesCard but rather your VPN or DNS provider. We always suggest reaching out to your provider and confirming their service will work for payment to HBO Max.

Step 1:

Visit on your browser using a VPN or DNS service set to the US.

Find out how to choose a VPN or DNS service.

Make sure to inquire with the VPN/DNS service itself if they support HBO's payment system as well -  HBO's payment geo location system is different to their streaming geo location system so you may be able to access the HBO website, but their payment system will detect your location and decline the transaction if the VPN is being detected.

Step 2:

Select  Start Your Free Trial

Step 3:

Fill in your personal information like you usually would and click Create Account.

Step 4:

Visit and click the  button to un-hide your StatesCard details. Take note of the card details, state and zip code provided for your StatesCard.

Step 5:

On the HBO Max payment page, fill in your  own name and StatesCard info as instructed and click Create Account.

Step 6:

That's it! After the payment is processed you can access your new HBO Max account!

Happy streaming! 

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