What if my HBO Max payment is declined

If you've made sure to enter the billing address of the card correctly like displayed on your account page, we suggest a look at your VPN or DNS provider.

We've seen this issue and confirmed it with customers many times in the past - The issue is with VPN's or DNS services that don't actually adjust for HBO's payment system. You may be able to access the HBO website and even stream with an existing account, but HBO's payment system will detect your VPN during payment and decline the transaction as it uses a separate and sensitive geo-location detection system.

This was also discussed with HBO's (Warner Media's) executive support previously to which they confirmed the card is not the issue but rather the location the user is being detected in when paying.

From our experience with other customers who had this issue we suggest trying the following:

  • Try a different US server with the VPN you are currently using - not all VPN servers are created equal, especially so if you are with one the bigger VPN providers.
  • Get in touch with your VPN/DNS service's support team to ask them to look into HBO's payment gateway relocation.
  • Try a different VPN/DN service entirely.
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