Do I get a US phone number with StatesCard?

A US phone number is not provided or included with your StatesCard account or card. Pre-paid cards are not issued with phone numbers attached mainly due to the fact they aren't linked to an individual bank account.

In some cases sellers may require a phone number for different reasons. We suggest confirming what the phone number is used for before making payment or loading your StatesCard:

If the seller requires a US number as part of your shipping address or for shipping notifications - You do not need a real number for this. Simply use this US number generator

If the seller requires a US number as part of the billing address, payment method or as a form of SMS verification - If this is the case and the phone number field is mandatory you will most likely not be able to make the payment to this seller as you do not have a real number. You may be able to reach to the seller and ask for an alternative checkout option. 

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