How to use StatesCard with an Apple ID and the US App Store

In order to use StatesCard with Apple products/services you will first need to create a US Apple ID. This is due to Apple's US card requirements - A card with a billing address in the US like StatesCard can only be linked to a US Apple ID. Follow our quick guide below to learn how to do exactly that.

Creating your US Apple ID

  1. On a browser visit Click the "Create Apple ID" link (usually at the top of the page).
  2. Fill in all of the info as usual but specify your country as the US. IMPORTANT - Use your own phone number. You will need to receive an SMS verification code soon. A real US phone number will not be required.
  3. After the account is created you will need to login to the new account on an Apple device directly - ideally an iPhone/iPad/Mac but can also be done with iTunes on a Windows computer.

    If using an Apple device, it's easiest to do by opening the settings, tapping your Apple ID, logging out and then logging in to your new US Apple ID.

    After logging in, you will be asked to further setup the account. You may be asked for a US billing address and a payment method - You can enter your StatesCard as the payment method now or do it later by choosing the skip option.

    The billing address is required in all cases. You can simply enter your StatesCard US billing address and a randomly generated US phone number from this US number generator.

  4. Your US Apple ID is now enabled for purchases and app store payments! If you have already added your StatesCard as the payment method for the account you are now ready to use this Apple ID with the US App Store and most other forms of payments and processing done through Apple.

Accessing the US App Store

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple device and select your account portrait - select Log Out (if the log out button isn't visible immediately, scroll down past any updates until you see it).
  2. Login with the new US Apple account and search to download or purchase any apps you may be looking for and install them.
  3. Once that's done, you can simply log out and log back into your regular Apple account. You can always switch between the accounts any time you want to download or update a US app from the App Store.
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