StatesCard is switching to Visa - Your card number will change soon

StatesCard is upgrading everyone to our new Visa cards during July of 2022!

Update 08/08:

Our program is still awaiting formal approval from the new bank which isn't known for their swift responses. We are doing our best to have the new program implemented as quickly as possible.

Update 19/07:

New card creation and existing card loads have been disabled in preparation for the transition to new Visa cards.  Existing Mastercard StatesCards and funds are still active and fully useable. Existing cards are valid until their expiration date.

We estimate the transition to be done within a few weeks. We will provide more updates as soon as possible via this article, our website and directly via email.

Please make sure to read the  IMPORTANT info below.

What is happening:

  • We are switching to Visa and issuing new cards going forward. The transition will start during the month of July.
  • Existing Mastercard StatesCards and funds can still be used but you will not be able to load them with more funds once we start transitioning to the new system. These funds cannot be transferred to a new card.
  • Once the new system is in place, and you load funds, your new StatesCard Visa will be created and loaded for you.
  • Your new card will have a new number, expiry date and CVV. The name and billing address will not change.
  • There will be no additional fees for existing card owners.

What you need to do (after the transition):

Use leftover funds:

Once we transition we will recommend using any funds on your existing card and getting your new StatesCard Visa issued. Funds cannot be transferred from the old card to the new card. 

Get your new card:

Once the new system is in place, to get your new card simply load funds using the Load button on your account page. Once your payment is approved your new Visa StatesCard will be issued and loaded with the funds automatically.

Update any existing subscriptions:

Since you will have a new card number you will need to update any of your existing subscriptions with your new StatesCard Visa.

For example - You have a Hulu account that's using your current StatesCard. After the new card is issued for you, simply head on over to your Hulu account's billing section and update your payment method to your new StatesCard Visa.

If you have any other questions about this just shoot us a quick email at and we'll do our best to help!

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