Why is my load under review

Sometimes, our system may flag certain transactions to your StatesCard (loading of funds) for manual review. This usually happens if our system gives a high "fraud probability score" to the transaction, which can happen for many reasons. This doesn't mean we think your transactions is fraudulent per say, but some things may cause the payment system to believe it is more likely to be the case.

Below we will highlight the most common reasons and how to avoid them:

Using a VPN while loading funds

If the system detects a mismatch between the location of your IP (the IP you are assigned by your VPN) it will raise the chances of the transaction being flagged for manual review. This can happen in 2 cases:

  • Mismatch between the location of the IP and the address you gave during account registration.
  • Mismatch between the location of the IP and the address the card or PayPal account you are paying with is registered.

How to avoid: simply make sure to turn off any VPN's you may have running for the duration of the load. After the transaction is complete, you are all clear to turn it back on.

Billing information mismatch

If the billing address you entered during the checkout process does not match the address you gave during account registration, our system may raise your "fraud probability score" and may flag the transaction for manual review.

Note: If the billing address does not match the billing address of the card you are paying with, it may flag the transaction for manual review or outright decline the transaction.

How to avoid: Make sure to give the correct address when registering for your account. If you believe the address you registered with is incorrect please contact our support team to have the address adjusted.

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