How to pay for Discovery+ outside the US

Before starting, make sure you're StatesCard balance has enough funds to cover the payment:

Important notes:

Since Discovery+ doesn't accept pre-paid cards like StateCard directly, we will be purchasing a Discovery+ gift card directly from them and then redeeming it to create the subscription.

Step 1:

Visit on your browser using a VPN or DNS service set to the US and select the gift card you'd like to purchase from the available selection.

Find out how to choose a VPN or DNS service - Make sure to inquire with the VPN/DNS service itself if they support Discovery+ in the US. If Discovery+ detects a VPN connection, the transaction may get declined.

Step 2:

On the next page, select "Email gift to recipient" and enter your name and email in the appropriate fields of the form. Then select Buy It Now.

Step 3:

Visit and click the  button to un-hide your StatesCard details. Take note of the card details and zip code provided for your StatesCard.

Step 4:

Go back to Discovery's website and on the billing address form, fill in your email address, the name on your StatesCard and the billing address associated with your StatesCard exactly as they appear on your account page in the previous step and select "Continue to payment".

Step 5:

In the card info form, enter the name associated with your StatesCard, and your card info like the card number, its expiration date and security code we found in step 4. Then select "Pay now"

Step 6:

After the payment is complete, check the email inbox we chose to send the gift card to (the one we entered in step 3) and open the attached PDF file that contains the gift card code.

Step 7:

Visit on your browser and enter the gift card code from the file you received in the email. Then select "Continue".

Step 8:

After entering the code, simply follow the instructions to register for your new Discovery+ account! 

Your account information can be anything you'd like as it's completely separate to StatesCard billing information.

Happy streaming!

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