How to cancel your StatesCard and withdraw your funds

Canceling the card is currently a manual process by a member of the team. In order to cancel your StatesCard, please reach out to our support team at

If you're also looking to withdraw the remaining funds on your balance, note that there's a $10 withdrawal fee for it so we'd highly suggest using the leftover funds on your balance as the card can be used for anything. Just like any regular pre-paid card. If there is not enough funds to cover the entire $10 amount for the withdrawal, the funds that ARE available will be collected instead.

After confirming you're looking to cancel and/or withdraw, a member of the team will issue the withdrawal on our end which will attempt to collect the $10 withdrawal fee and refund any remaining funds to the payment method originally used to load them.


  • The withdrawal process also de-activates the card which means it cannot be used or have funds loaded to it until it's re-activated which can be done by reaching out to our support team at
  • This process does not delete record of your account information - we keep record of account information for any user that loaded funds to their StatesCard within the last 6 months in order to provide accurate information in case of a chargeback or for security purposes in the case of potential fraud.
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