What if my payment was refunded by the seller

If you've made a purchase using StatesCard and the purchase was refunded by the seller for whatever reason it may take up to 7 business days for the funds to appear as "pending" back to your balance after the seller re-proccessed them back and depending on the sellers policy.

First, please check the refund policy of the seller you purchased from, they usually note how long the refund process takes on their end. 

If they've confirmed posting the refund back to your card, please allow the funds up to 14 business days to be processed back into your StatesCard balance.

You can confirm the pending refund by looking at your transaction statement like so:

  • Access your StatesCard's transactions statement
  • Take a look at the difference between your "Current" amount and "Available" amount like highlighted in the image below.
  • If the the difference between them equals the amount of funds the seller tried to withdraw (the transaction total), that means those funds are pending and will re-appear back on your StatesCard balance within the 14 business days.

If you still don't see your funds back in your StatesCard after that period of time, please contact our support team at support@statescard.com

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