How to sign up for your own StatesCard

The sign up process is simple, just follow our quick guide below to learn more.

Step 1:

Make sure to turn off any VPN's that are currently running and on your computer or phone visit our sign up page - choose an email and a password for your account and click Sign up.

Step 2:

You'll receive a request to verify your account via email. Click the link in the email to activate your account and login with your credentials to continue the registration.

Step 3:

Enter your own info and click Next.

Note: make sure to put in accurate information as this will be used for identity verification in the next steps if required.

If you are asked for ID verification CLICK HERE and follow the instructions:

Click the Verify me button to continue the process and go through our ID verification system to complete your registration.

Click Start to start the verification process.

Choose your country and select a document to verify with, you can choose between a Driver's License, Passport or National ID.

Follow the instructions to upload a photo of your chosen document and continue the process. 

You can also do this on your phone for convenience by choosing Take pictures from my smartphone at the bottom.

Upload a video like in the example and wait for the upload to finish.

If the video is successfully uploaded, click Done.

Wait for the verification to process to register and continue to add funds to your new StatesCard!

Note that some requests may need to go through manual verification, in this case, our team will review the request and manually verify it. If it was approved, you'll receive an email within 24 hours to finalize the account and continue to add funds to your new StatesCard!

Step 4:

The next page will contain your card information and the billing address registered to the card. This information is also available on your StatesCard account page at

Congratulations! Your card is now active and can be used to make payments. You can optionally continue the process to sign up and be able to view your transaction history. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

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